Photo of Yazdani Studio

A Laboratory for Design and Innovation

The Yazdani Studio is comprised of creative thinkers who share a commitment to pushing the boundaries of design — from refining concepts of sustainability to the application of new technologies and urban initiatives. The Yazdani Studio is led by the award-winning designer, Mehrdad Yazdani. Mehrdad ensures the work remains on the cutting edge, defining the industry’s highest standard of creativity. His design philosophy is based on maintaining an environment of exploration in the design studio, tempered with a realistic sense of each client’s needs and the importance of the pragmatic requirements, such as delivering quality work on time and within budget.

Operating as a design laboratory — exploring, investigating and experimenting with ideas in architecture and looking at innovative methods of delivering these ideas to our clients — the Studio is committed to design excellence and transformative client collaboration across a range of project types and budgets. We broaden the design dialogue of all our undertakings, viewing each exercise as an opportunity for exploration with our clients in formulating a solution that meets their needs while creating an enduring architectural vision.

The Studio’s methodology provides a unique research and development-oriented philosophy that capitalizes upon the depth and resources of a large, world-class firm with a structure that ensures quality, delivery, value and integrity.